Solid Iris Technologies is a leading company in providing solutions of photorealistic rendering and visualization, with many years of expertise in the field. It has been formed as a limited liability company in 2012 and it has been expanding ever since.

We work by challenging ourselves and innovating. We highly value achievements as a team and, at the same time, individuality matters in our daily communication.

We work in this field because we love what we are doing. We love creating technical software, new designs, interacting and supporting our customers and partners.


Ioannis Pantazopoulos

Managing Director

Ioannis is the managing director of the company. He is an Electrical and Computer Engineer holding a PhD in computer graphics (from the robotics laboratory, National Technical University of Athens). He is the software developer of the core and user interface of both Thea Render and Kerkythea with deep experience in the fields of computer graphics, image processing, automation and robotics.

Email: ioannis [at]

Patrick Nieborg

Creative Director

Patrick is a 3d generalist, creator of additional content for Thea Render, designer of the icons and various tutorials. He is a painter by profession with a deep understanding of the material system and texturing process. Patrick works from his home office at Majorka, Spain.

Email: pnieborg [at]

Tomasz Marek

Software Developer

Tomasz is the SketchUp plugin developer for both Thea Render and Kerkythea. He is an architect by profession, with MSc in Architectural Engineering and a great understanding of the architect needs from a render product. Tomasz works from his home office in Lodz, Poland.

Email: tmarek [at]

Christina Psarrou

Technical Author

Christina is involved in the management and technical authoring of our products. She is an Electrical and Computer Engineer (National Technical University of Athens) with specialty in computer vision and signal processing holding also a MSc in Management (Vrije Universiteit, Brussels).

Email: cpsarrou [at]

Anthony Kavassis

Business Development

Anthony is involved in the quality assurance and business development of the company. He has obtained a Computer Systems Engineering BEng degree (Sussex University) and has done research at the Centre for VLSI and Computer Graphics at Sussex. He is also an experienced business executive stemming from over ten years of experience in the aftermarket automotive accessories market.

Email: akavassis [at]

Manolis Founariotakis

Software Developer

Manolis is a software developer with background in realtime computer graphics. He holds a BSc in Informatics from Athens University of Economics & Business and MSc in Computer Graphics from the University of Hull.

Email: efounariotakis [at]

Maria Panagopoulou

Administrative Assistant

Maria is involved in all accounting and financial processes of the company, as well as day to day administrative operations. She has a BSc degree in Economic Science (Athens University of Business and Economics) and a MSc in Economic Science (Panteion University).

Email: mpanagopoulou [at]

Petros Papanikolaou

Software Developer

Petros is a software developer with background in realtime computer graphics. He holds a BSc in Computer Science and MSc in Computer Graphics from the University of Crete and working experience in the Foundation of Research and Technology.

Email: ppapanikolaou [at]

George Gliatis

Customer Support & Training

George is a 3d designer, focusing on architectural and product visualization. He is a graduate of the Mechanological Department of the Τechnical Educational Ιnstiture of Pireaus with deep working experience in graphic and industrial design.

Email: ggliatis [at]

Panagiotis Follas

Software Developer

Panagiotis is a software developer with passion for mathematics and 3d programming but also an advocate of open source software. He holds a Bachelor of Computer Science, from Technical Education Institute of Salonica, with working experience in 3d graphics simulation.

Email: pfollas [at]

Christos Papaioannou

Software Developer

Christos is an electrical and computer science engineer, graduated from the University of Thessaly. He has experience on GPU ray tracing as well as on optimization techniques and network programming.

Email: cpapaioannou [at]